Dropped Your Phone And Damaged The Screen?

Spilled Coffee / Water O Your Laptop?

Desperately Looking For A Way To Recover your Precious Data?

Don't Worry... We've Got You!

Let's get your device fixed and running again

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Facing any of these problems? You'he come to thr right place. We'he come across and resolved these issues countless number of times. We've been there ourselves and we understand. So when you bring in your device, rest assured that we will treat it with utmost care while we work on it. Know more about us or check out the services we provide.

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One Stop To Reapir Them All

Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, key Fobs, Graphic cards and basically 'anything' that has a motherboard in it! We repair them all! (We generally work on the motherboard, and usually not the "thing" that has the motherboard in it! Useless, ofcourse, it;s a phone, tablet, laptop or pc.)

We also don't discriminate between brands! Apart from the usual Apple and Samsung devices, our vast database of schematic diagrams enables us to work on other brands like LG, Huawei, Motorola, Realme, Xiomi, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and so many more...

Reasonbly Priced

You won't need to break the bank to get your repairs done. We don't claim to offer the lowest prices. Our prices are reasonable and compititive. what we do claim, however, is that you get the best quality parts for the price and unmatched workmanship. Get in touch with a detailed description of the issue and we will give you an estimate of what you can expect the repair to cost.

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Unmatched Workmanship

We have more than a decade worth of experience working in one of the largest and most compititive mobile phone markets in the world. We stock top quality replacement parts and use some of the best quality repair tools. Rest assured, we will give your device the same love and care that we give our own devices.

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We do micro-soldering in the true sense. if we determine that an IC or any of the thousands of big or teeny-tiny components / connectors etc. On your device's motherboard needs to be changed, we have the know-how, the special tools, the spare parts, the experience and the skills to perform that micro-surgery on your motherboard.

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Data Recovery

When your phone dies and become a tomb for your data, don't despair. Bring in your device. In most cases we have managed to bring the device back to life long enough to extract the data you thought you lost forever! In some cases the device can be repaired to a condition where you can use it for a couple of years more!

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Can't come in to drop your device? No problem. You can complete a few formalities and mail in your device. We will work on it and keep you updated on the progress of the repair. Once completed you make the payment and we mail the device back to you! It's that simple!


Software Solutions

Have a glitchy user interface or a frozen screen? The software hangs? Or maybe you've forgotten the passcode or pattern lock? Maybe you've reset the phone and don't remember your google password. Don't worry, we can help you!

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