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Screen Replacement

The most common problem that cell phone users face is a damaged screen. In our interactions with our customers, we have come across screen damages of all kinds. A simple crack on the top glass with the display and touch function still intact, or cases where the display is working fine but the touch has stopped functioning or vise-versa. We have even come across cases where the screen is completely shattered. Aftermarket replacement screens are available all over the internet and you can buy them and replace one yourself by watching a couple of how to YouTube video’s. The catch here, however, is that these aftermarket screens are not all of the same quality and most YouTube videos will not give you every detail or the challenges you might face during the repair process. Or you might simply not have the time to do it yourself!

This is where you can use our expertise and experience. We source the best quality parts for the price, usually have them in stock and can get your device ready for you while you wait, if you choose to, or mail them back to you if you choose to use our mail in service.

iphone Por max 13 broken screen

IPhone 13 Pro Max with Broken Screen

Parts/ Component Replacement

Your electronic device is made up of a number of individual components working together, attached to and controlled by the motherboard to give you the experience and convenience that has become an integral part of our lives. If you take the example of an iPhone, it has a screen, a camera module, a face id module, an earpiece, a charging flex which also holds the mic’s, a SIM slot and a battery to name a few. All these parts are attached to the motherboard via flex cables and connector jacks. Over time and with regular use these components experience wear and tear or they might just get damaged because of an accident. To cite an example, apart from broken screens, we get a lot of cases with worn out or damaged charging jacks. This primarily happens due to repeated use and sometimes dirt and corrosion. Like screens you can find these components online along with tutorials on how to replace them. The catch is that the aftermarket parts quality varies and the repair is intricate and even complex sometimes. We come across countless cases where customers have attempted to replace these components themselves or it was done by some inexperienced technician. In both these cases, they were either not successful and worsened the problem or ended up messing something else up.

Let us help you avoid this, bring in or mail in your device and we will replace the right part the right way.

IPhone charging jack assembly with mic

IPhone charging jack assembly with mic, headphone port and antennae

Android charging port sub-board with mic

Android charging port sub-board with mic and headphone port


With time and advancements in technology our devices are doing more for us. Our cell phone allow us to not only make calls, but also to take pictures, videos, see time, maps, search the internet, make payments and so much more. This is possible because a lot has been crammed into the small hand held device. A cell phone motherboard has hundreds of tiny components like capacitors, resistors, diodes, Integrated Circuits, MOSFETs and so on soldered onto it. They are packed close to each other and the tolerances are very small. Some of these components are difficult to see with the naked eye. To put things in perspective a 0402 component is approximately 0.1mmX0.1mm in size. The new c-type charging ports have more than 20 pins on some, all soldered to tiny traces that run through the motherboard. Imagine if one of these component goes bad and has to be replaced. One would need to de-solder the bad component and solder and new one on. This delicate operation, called micro-soldering, requires the right knowledge, experience, equipment and technique to be done successfully and correct.

We have more than a decade worth of experience in micro-soldering working in one of the largest cell phone markets in the world. We have the right equipment and our workmanship is unmatched.

Densely populated IPhone motherboard

Densely populated IPhone motherboard. A grain of rice on a Power Management IC.

A36 pin BGA chip

A36 pin BGA chip compared to a grain of rice

Data Recovery

We understand that feeling of helplessness when your phone or your computer dies on you suddenly. What makes it worse is the regret of not having backed up all your information and recalling all the times your read or heard that it’s good practice to back up all your data. Don’t despair, your precious memories are not lost forever. We can recover your data for you. That being said, the process is time consuming and certainly not easy. In current devices, all the data is stored in the flash memory chip and is generally encrypted. We cannot simply remove the memory chip and read it via some contraption! The only way to get your data is to get the device to give it up! To do that we need to get your device working just enough for us to back up your memories. This involves a lot of testing, investigation, fault finding and micro-soldering to get the device to work again. It’s long and arduous work and nothing less than Forensic Science! But we love doing it!! We have been successful in recovering data in most of the cases brought to us. Some devices are far too damaged unfortunately. In quite a few cases we have managed to restore the device to where the customer can get a few more years of use from it!

So if you need to recover your precious data, give us a call, drop in or send over your device and we will do our best to get it for you!!

Software Solutions

Did you or your child enter the wrong password to your device and disable it? Did you change your password recently and don’t remember what you changed it to? Did you reset your android device and have forgotten the google account ID and password you used on it and are now not able to activate your device? Is your device glitchy or just freezes? Does it restart for no apparent reason? Are you having problems with using applications? These are just some of the issues that are primarily caused by a corrupted operating system, an update that did not install properly or simply a bug in your system. The best solution to this is to update your device or to restore the software/ operating system of your device. We encourage you to back up your data on a regular basis because you will come across this problem sooner or later. A system restoration usually requires wiping out all data on the device. The updates and restorations on IOS devices are fairly simple and can be performed by yourself. The software updates and restoration on android devices are slightly more complicated. So are the removal of passcodes and google locks.

The easiest way, by far, is simply to bring in the device to us!! For a nominal charge we will update/ restore your device, remove passcodes and unlock google locks and get you going again!

Other Repairs

Apart from the usual cell phone and computer repairs, you can also get in touch with us for gaming consoles, key fobs, watches, Nintendo switches, graphic cards, play stations and basically any motherboard issue. We have a lot of customers contacting us for replacement of HDMI ports, charging ports, battery replacements and trouble shooting issues with motherboards for devices other than cell phones and computers. We generally stock parts for common devices, however, if we don’t have them ourselves, we can get them arranged from best sources and install them for you. With us you have a one-stop shop for getting almost all of your electronic devices fixed!!


We will soon be starting our own online store here where you will find accessories for almost all your cell phones, computers and other devices. We hope to bring you everything you might need to get the best use out of your device.