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Cold Testing - Measuring values while the device is turned off

My first experience with repairing an electronic device was when, as a kid, I saw my friend’s grandfather repair a three-in-one music player my father owned. There was something mesmerizing seeing the solder holding the few blown-out capacitors to the board melt. A month later, I had my own little electronics lab with a soldering iron, some solder wire, two screw drivers, an old rusty pair of pliers and an old analog multimeter! My first ever customer was my Mom, with a broken down hand blender. I remember opening it up to find a blown diode ( I didn’t know what it was then!), taking it to the electronics store pointing to the blown component and saying “I want this thing”. It took some effort and a two burnt finger tips but I managed to solder on the new component and get the blender working again!! That was my first circuit board repair! That was more than three decades ago! In the absence of vocational courses in electronics/ training centers or internet cafes back then, what followed in the years ahead were numerous subscriptions to electronics magazines, hours of research to understand the basic laws of electronics, electronic components, circuits and circuit designs and so on. The repairs kept coming in from neighbors, friends, acquaintances and a few referrals. They also kept getting more challenging.

The first cell phone I worked on was my Nokia 6235 CDMA device. This was in 2006 at a time when incoming calls were chargeable! I hated that I had to stick to one service provider when there were few others giving better rates. This was because a CDMA device did not have a SIM slot/ tray and the numbers were programmed into the device itself. When I saw that the motherboard had space and traces for a SIM tray, I knew I had to try. A new SIM tray and software and my CDMA device was now a GSM device and could work with any service provider! That’s when I got hooked onto cellphone repairs. There is so much that a cellphone can do! At the same time there is so much that can go wrong with it! Every cellphone repair has its own challenges and something new to learn.

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The good old indestructible keyboard phones!

Densely populated IPhone motherboard

The complex designs of today's cell phones is astounding...

That was how cell phone repairs began. I’ve have been fixing cellphones since 2006. We started our first cellphone repair store in India in 2010. Since then we’ve fixed thousands of phones and helped people get back memories they thought they’d lost forever. It has been an amazing journey. We have seen and learned so much along the way. We have seen cell phone technology change and grow from simple keypad phones that only made calls and lasted forever to today’s smartphones that have almost replaced all other gadgets. We’ve seen the industry grow from a few parts suppliers and service stations into an industry with growing number of aftermarket parts manufacturers, special tools manufacturers, suppliers and a specialized supply chain. We’ve seen the independent repair community grow from those few talented people here and there into a viable career option, from self learning and a some help here and there to dedicated courses that teach cellphone repair. Along the way a few customers are now good friends. We’ve come a long way and have learned a lot along the way …… and we have a long ways to go yet!

We bring you more than a decade worth of experience fixing cellphones, motherboards and micro-soldering. We take pride in our workmanship.

Check us out, join us on this technological journey, give us an opportunity to serve you and join our ever growing family of patrons.